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The Impact of the Internet on Data Storage Issues in Organisations

In what ways do organisations intract with the Internet?  In what ways do organisations interact with their clients and business partners using the Internet. What are the implications for data storage in such organisations?

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Databases Vs Spreadsheets

Come clean now, which of these do your prefer? Did you get it? After learning about spreadsheets, what’s the point of a database? Tell me what you think, do you think DBMS was invented just to make your life difficult?


Software Tools

So most of us have a piece of hardware that we really love. But what about the software? Is there a program or application that’s got us hooked? I guess I use the productivity tools a lot in my work.  And to access the Internet I need a web browser. Firefox or even better, Chrome is my […]

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Hello CAPE IT Students

Hello Students This year we’ll be spending a significant amount of our time looking at the use of I T tools. Let us begin by examining our use of I T tools. How prevalent is your use of IT tools? Can you get through a day without technology? When did you start using technology so much? What […]

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